Time To Heal STL - Part 2


Welcome back. Part 2.

My apologies. How rude of me.

Let me introduce myself to the room. 

I’m Byron Newby, the founder and creator of We’re St Louis!!! 

The soon to be largest civic pride movement in St Louis history. 

In part 1 I stated,

Because in STL those who “represent” you, don’t always reflect you.”

I also said, “We have a greater calling.” 

It's time to move STL forward.  

Hey “Voices”, stop using hurtful events and recycling them  for ratings or talking points because of your apparent lack of positive, uplifting content or messages in regard to that subject or any.

The OBVIOUS responsibility of uplifting our region lies on our shoulders. 

We can’t count on them.

Those of us far and near. Break the STL cycle, focus on looking ahead. 

No, this is not political.  It’s civic and I’m calling everyone to duty. Civic Duty.

If I were to ask you what the phrase, “We’re St Louis!!!” means to you. 

What would you say?

I'll guess… togetherness, all for one, united we stand, etc... 

True but it’s much deeper than that. 

We’re St Louis means civic pride, civic duty and fighting for St Louis and each other.

Hence, The Declaration of Representation that I wrote. 

Our manifesto. Our promise to each other

Let’s start with this quote:

“St Louis… it’s the quintessential American city. We treasure our neighborhoods, our history and our traditions. But what makes St Louis unique is its PEOPLE. 

THAT’s why I’ll ALWAYS call St Louis MY HOME.”

  • Joe Buck 2015

That is about as eloquent as one can be displaying civic pride. HOF  broadcaster Joe Buck was speaking on behalf of his hometown of St Louis during the Rams relocation.

This is what really happened to us after the Rams left:

The relo was a straight gut punch and groin kick to St Louis. We lost our mojo, we allowed ourselves to be defined. We all disappeared into an “angry shell” (according to “The Voice” we're still there), we bickered amongst ourselves (typical), our natural civic pride got tucked inside as we heard the voices saying we are a divided, dying dump of a city with no fan identity or future. 

THE RECYCLING OF THE NEGATIVE from the local "Voices".

Straight from the STL playbook.

The constant reminder of our failure and humiliation.

Thus fueling the always present historically divided, segmented vibe of the St Louis region. 

But every “voice” and/or elected “leader” speaks on our behalf. 

They keep the pulse and understand our emotions. They "care".

Regional Leadership at its finest. They “know” STL.

If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you.

Sound familiar? <insert side-eye> 


I couldn't imagine Buck, Wilkerson, Broeg, Randolph and others speaking like this.

They always looked out for us and had our backs. They were one of us.

Why good things like the potential return of the #BattleHawks and debut of STL City SC should’ve been highest on the “Voice's list”:

Professional sports are like a city’s muscle, especially football,  it's how we flex and how we rep. 

It's how we are seen and heard. It’s how we showcase the wonders of our region nationally.

PrimeTime games were dope when the GSOT Rams were on. STL getting ALL that shine. Our chests stuck out a little further, our chins held a little higher and just maybe in the historically divided and segmented STL region a convo between people who'd may have never spoken might start just because someone is wearing team gear. 

You know what is sad? Elected “leaders” either don’t get it or choose not to get it.

So, how do we get that STL swag back?. 

But you gotta have some ideas or a plan, right? 

I have ideas. Hopefully it motivates you to have some as well.

It’s civic. You know, Duty and Pride. The region needs us. 

Part 3 coming soon.

You’ve come this far. Hear me out. 

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