• I love Baseball

    I love Baseball

    Baseball is ridiculous right now. And it is annoying. But I’m not giving up on it or shouting my outrage because why would I? There are so many worse things in this world to be outraged about right now. Tragic things. The delay of baseball is not tragic.
  • Time To Heal STL - Part 2

    Time To Heal STL - Part 2

    If I were to ask you what the phrase, “We’re St Louis!!!” means to you.  What would you say?
  • Time To Heal STL Part 1

    Time To Heal STL Part 1

    Look, let's keep this a buck and a quarter.  Yes, I have disdain for Kroenke like any other St Louisan would.  The difference is he doesn’t rent space in my head like some in the STL mainstream sports media want him to.
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