Time To Heal STL Part 1


Time To Heal STL!!! Listen to Red 

Part 1

“Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”

  -Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding

The St Louis region is at its usual crossroads. It’s usually right around this time in a generation where the current elected “leaders”make decisions that ultimately screw the next generation. 

It’s part of the segmented and divided history of St Louis. Whether it’s railroad vs steamboats, Schoemehl making the Big Red go away, AB vs Disney, The “Sweetheart Lease”, The Loop Trolley or the Great Ca$hGrab of 2021. That's STL.

Let me repeat, historically segmented and divided, thinks in the now, never in the future STL. Adverse to addressing issues. 60% is good enough. Allergic to long term solutions. CashGrab City. The Land of 99 problems. 

Help me, what did I miss?

Sadly, to some degree all of that holds true.  Acceptance or denial usually depends on which part of the segment you reside.  

What’s the definition of insanity? St. Louis, Missouri 

Think about it. 

The Loop Trolley $51M cost, $1.3M operating budget, $22k in revenue…..

Let that sink in… But that is not why I’m here.

It’s “Kroenke Hating”

I know, it’s been 6 seasons. 

Have I forgiven and forgot, you ask?

Absolutely not, I just choose not to exist in that space.

It's just not healthy.

Sadly, some still do.  

Which is why I’m here.

The long time respected NY Post sports columnist Mike Vaccaro wrote a piece about how St Louis still has venom for SaTAN Kroenke. He sourced someone who refers to himself as the “Voice of St Louis Sports Fans since 1985”.

I graduated HS in 1985, when the era of "The Voice” began <insert loud chuckle>. (Hazelwood Central, if you wanted to know... 😂). 

I was pretty plugged in as a kid. 

The STL sports voices I remember were Bill Wilkerson, Jack Buck, Jay Randolph, Mike Shannon, Zip Rzeppa and Bob Broeg. I apologize if I missed anyone.

Real Legends of the Lou. Real Talk. Trusted Voices of reason. 

Their words and voices made us proud to be from STL

Jack Buck and the rest would have never let STL spiral down as it has.

I ask kindly, am I wrong?

Keep in mind the “Voice of St Louis sports circa 1985” was born and raised in Baltimore. 

Now before I go in, I have no issue with Mike Vaccaro at all. He’s been writing for the NY Post for years, you don’t do something that long, at the NY Post if you aren’t good. He is. Boss level writer. Much respect. He’s just quoting his source. The “Voice of St Louis sports since oh nineteen hundred and eighty five”.

“The Voice” was quoted for the article saying, “The three biggest sports in St Louis are the Cardinals, the Blues and “Kroenke Hating”

Oh, it gets betterPeep this.

He said, “It borders on obsession with a lot of people here, and sometimes beyond obsession. It’s almost become a weird loyalty oath of sorts. Around here if you don’t hate the Rams, then you don’t love St Louis.”

Obsession? Question our love for STL?

If you think that’s how folks who love St Louis feel, shame on you. 

I’m not questioning your love for STL.

I'm questioning your motive.  

What's the benefit to recycling a negative experience? 

Look, let's keep this a buck and a quarter. 

Yes, I have disdain for Kroenke like any other St Louisan would. 

The difference is he doesn’t rent space in my head like some in the STL mainstream sports media want him to.

I’ve personally moved on and after the Great Ca$hGrab of 2021. I was really through.

My point is it’s time to let go. 

It’s time. Move forward.

It's been 6 years. 

Time really does heal wounds but if you keep picking at the scab it will never heal.

And you wonder at times why STL seems stuck and never moves forward.


Because in STL those who “represent” you, don’t always reflect you.

Let that sink in.


We have a greater calling. 

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back. More to come. 

Part 2 coming soon. 

Time to Heal STL. Together.

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